Books of the Bible Journals

Have you ever wished you could have one journaling notebook that would organize all of your Bible Study notes in one place? Our Books of the Bible Journal is that journal!

Our hope is that as you study God’s word these journals will:

  • help you feel more comfortable as you study 
  • inspire you to dig deeper into the Word of God
  • be an excellent companion to a "One Year" Bible plan 
  • help you keep track of which books you've studied (and when)
  • organize all of your thoughts/Bible study notes in one, central location
  • be a place to record prayers as you study
  • be something that you come back to again and again to add more information as you study different books over the years
  • write/illustrate/free journal in any way you feel led
  • be a blessing which will enhance your walk with God as well as a vehicle He will use to reveal His great love for you.